A D U L T  G R O U P S

Given the shocking upsurge in hate crime and hate speech since the start of the 2016, our Centre has created a new portfolio of workshops based on social justice issues and adult education. By using the history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust as an example of how a democratic society can descend into unspeakable atrocity through propaganda, authoritarianism and prejudice, we are able to examine current issues of racism, discrimination and intolerance in ourselves and our society today.

Our adult group workshops focus on the historical, moral and ethical dimensions of the Holocaust – in particular, issues of prejudice, racism, intolerance, abuse of power, the fragility of democracy and discrimination.

During the workshops, participants are encouraged to confront their own attitudes and behaviours and discuss how negative stereotypes perpetuate intolerance and create barriers between groups of people.

Through the use of case studies of contemporary human rights abuses, the participants reflect on their roles and responsibilities in creating a culture of human rights and respect for others.

“The workshop highlighted the extreme insanity and harm that can come from racist thinking and attitudes. People need to be reminded that even inflicting on one person is the same as inflicting on millions”


“Learning how in the face of brutal persecution and trials people discovered inner strength and resources to survive and even help others. It is this that we need to empower our persons of concern to discover”


South Africa’s transition from Apartheid is still incomplete and our Centre is deeply committed to a future where each individual is treated with dignity and equality. In the words of Holocaust survivor and author Primo Levi, “It happened, therefore it can happen again. This is at the core of what we want to say”. We hope that by exploring the past and understanding the power of hateful words to create violent action, we can ensure that the events of the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity do not happen again.

Our adult education programs can be tailored to the specific interests and needs of our visitors, and usually consist of a tour of our exhibition followed by a workshop dealing with relevant themes or topics. We have welcomed various groups ranging from corporate, diversity training to the medical and legal fraternity and even civil society NGOs engaged in social upliftment.

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