E D U C A T O R  T R A I N I N G

Educator training is a core part of the education programmes of the Durban Holocaust Centre. Workshops for educators across KwaZulu-Natal are held regularly in partnership with the KwaZulu-Natal Education Department.

The workshops support the development of a human rights culture through creating a classroom environment that encourages learning and compassion. Educator workshops are designed to develop the educator’s knowledge of the Holocaust and to give educators support through strengthening their methodology. By making what educators teach relevant to the contemporary issues facing their learners, such as xenophobia and racism, we hope to support their teaching.

Educator training programmes provide support for the teaching of the following:

Grade 9 Social Sciences (History):

The programmes are designed to support the module in the National Curriculum:

  • Human Rights Issues during and after World War II
  • Issues of our time: i.e. xenophobia

Grade 11 History learners:The programmes are designed to support the module in the National Curriculum:

  • The impact of pseudo-scientific racism and Social Darwinism on the 19th and 20th centuries, including the eugenics movement in the late 19th century and its impact on ideas of ‘race’ and racism in Africa, the USA, Australia, Europe and particularly leading to genocide in Nazi Germany.

Languages and Life Orientation:

Because of the many opportunities for Cross Curriculum teaching, workshops have also been held for Language and Life Orientation educators to show how they can use sources from the Holocaust to meet some of the curriculum requirements of their subjects.

Topics include: stereotyping, propaganda, Human Rights, xenophobia, identity, learning to read texts critically are examined through the use of primary source material from the Holocaust.

Our Educator workshops are interactive and educators work closely with the education resource materials developed by the Cape Town Holocaust Centre to develop activities that they can use in class. Workshops can be conducted at the Durban Holocaust Centre or at District Offices and schools to make them easily accessible for educators.

Learn more about other elements of our education programme, such as our work with school groups and our work with adult groups.

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