S C H O O L  G R O U P S

High School Programme

Our unique Schools Programme is at the heart of our work at the DHGC. Every day we have the privilege of learners from schools across the province and beyond viewing our permanent exhibition and taking part in our engaging workshop for learners on key lessons of the Holocaust.

This three and a half hour programme, which can be adapted to the particular needs of a specific school in consultation with educators, gives young people an insight into history as well as ways to apply the lessons we learn from the past in their daily lives and to South African society, whether being an ‘upstander’ against bullying in class or speaking out against xenophobia in their communities. Designed to support the National Curriculum, we focus on Grade 9 Social Science learners as well as Grade 11 History learners.

Grade 9

We have two workshops tailored for Grade 9 groups. The first focuses on developing learners’ understanding of the factors that led to the rise of Nazism. The second uses the Holocaust as a human rights case study to empower learners’ understanding of human behaviour. Both of these workshops include a full tour of the exhibition space. 

Grade 11

We offer two workshops for Grade 11 learners. The first focuses on the role of pseudoscience and ‘race’ within the Holocaust. The second uses the case study of the Holocaust to explore moral dilemmas and applied ethics. Both of the these workshops include a full tour of our exhibition space. 

I would just like to thank you and your team for an excellent tour of the Durban Holocaust Museum last Tuesday. Our girls really had an informative experience and learnt a lot. Thanks for accommodating us and for your excellent staff members and volunteers. Please thank each one of them for us, they did a great job. Our girls benefitted a lot from their expertise. Your museum has really touched lives.

Debby Joubert, History Teacher, Pietermaritzburg Girls' High School

Anne Frank Workshops for younger learners

We have two Grade 7 workshops available which both focus on the life of Anne Frank.The first, focuses on Anne’s experience as a child in the Holocaust. The second focuses on social awareness by highlighting Anne’s courage. Both of these workshops include a tour through our Anne Frank exhibition space. Please note that this workshop does not include a tour of the full exhibition space.

Our team has created an interactive programme designed to encourage social responsibility. We discuss the extraordinary people who helped the Frank family while they were in hiding and encourage learners to make connections to their own lives and to express their feelings, as Anne did, by writing their thoughts in a journal. For the older learners, we hope to focus on identity; relationships; and children’s’ rights – all in relation to Anne Frank’s experience in the Secret Annex.

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