Feedback from the Talloula Team

Function & event venue as well as a Garden Spa and the home of Treat Cafe.

One of underlying principles of our hospitality business has been the creation of job opportunity through the upliftment and development of the local community, whereby we all contribute and benefit in the healing thereof and hopefully spreading the good influence therefrom. 

Against the backdrop of wilful arson, destruction, angry, hateful behavior, the ongoing reference to racism and the encouragement of anarchy from some quarters, we chose to share a historical insight of what might happen if such behaviour is left unchecked. To this end, we offered our staff the opportunity of witnessing exactly how hatred, prejudice and man’s cruelty to man, whilst disguised in a different form, can disfigure any society even in this day and age if left unchecked. 

The Durban Holocaust & Genocide Centre provided such an avenue under a personally guided tour of a tragedy in our lifetime. We are humbled and privileged that a number of our staff willingly embraced an opportunity to visit the Centre and were open to experience the devastation of the Holocaust and the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda against the Tutsi, both of which they were mostly unaware, and both of which serve as a warning of the danger of these atrocities being repeated .

An enormous debt of gratitude is due to the benefactors of The Durban Holocaust & Genocide Centre, for their foresight in endeavouring to create an ever present awareness of the need for a society free of discrimination and hatred and for striving to uphold the mantra of Never Again….

With grateful thanks from all at Talloula