“Today’s experience really humanised the Holocaust for me and re-instilled the imperative of an independant legal system.”

Pupil advocate at the KwaZulu-Natal Society of Advocates

Using the history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust as an example of how a democratic society can descend into unspeakable atrocity through propaganda, authoritarianism and prejudice, we are able to examine current issues of racism, discrimination and intolerance in ourselves and contemporary society. Our adult education programmes can be tailored to the specific interests and needs of our visitors, and usually consists of a tour of our exhibition followed by a workshop dealing with relevant themes or topics.

“The DHGC was a brilliant way of introducing our delegates to the way prejudice and bigotry has shaped the world. This leads us to address our own bigotry within the workplace and allows us to address how we treat each other, especially with regard to to the use and abuse of power.”

Alan Roberts, Core Consultancy


The DHGC runs diversity and sensitivity programmes to help companies cultivate understanding and compassion in their workplaces.

When people are able to truly work together, it benefits both the business and our nation as a whole. We have had the privilege of hosting teams from different industries, in the hope that each team would walk away with a renewed understanding of the inherent value of every human being and the dangers of any unchecked racism or prejudice in society . 

Click here to read the feedback we recieved from the team at Talloula, following their visit to the DHGC in February 2020.

Contact Tanya on 031 368 6833 or tanya@dbnholocaust.co.za to make a booking. 

“The work of the Durban Holocaust Centre should be cascaded through society.”

Thuli Madonsela, Public Protector of South Africa 2009-2016


The DHGC aims to equip people with the information and communication skills to speak with compassion and dignity. We run workshops focussing on social justice for human rights organisations, police and prison groups. the legal fraternity, corporate groups and government sector departments.

Contact Tanya on tanya@dbnholocaust.co.za or 031 368 6833 to make a booking.

“As an organizational group, we were faced with the realization of how silence and indifference to the suffering of others and the infringement of human rights can unintentionally cause great harm. We were compelled to question whether we were ‘bystanders’ or ‘up-standers’ in various contexts, and how we could influence change for an ethically responsible society. This is the power of the Centre and the programme.”

Elaine Boulton, Human Resources Consultant at Investec Private Bank


Young adults are one of the most active groups in society when it comes to advocating for and bringing about change. It is also a time in their lives when young people start to form their world views and belief systems.

For this reason we are passionate about hosting these groups to remind them about the importance of their voices as well as their responsibility to build a non-racist, non-discriminatory and tolerant society.

Contact Tanya on 031 368 6833 or tanya@dbnholocaust.co.za to make a booking.

“Being familiar with the extraordinary exhibition at the Durban Holocaust and Genocide Centre since its foundation, and the intense and lasting effect it always had on visitors, inspired me to make the visit to the Centre for every third year DUT drama student compulsory. I’m convinced that for many of them that visit had changed their lives in one or another way.”

Pamela Tancsik , Senior Lecturer in the Department of Drama Studies at DUT