The South African Holocaust & Genocide Foundation  condemns the appearance of posters proclaiming the rise of a “New Right” on Stellenbosch University campus, using Nazi imagery.

The Director of the South African Holocaust & Genocide Foundation(SAHGF), Richard Freedman , has been in direct conversation with the University and has stressed that whilst the university should follow its own investigation and disciplinary processes, the SAHGF saw the manifestation of the posters as an educational opportunity to engage the student body and indeed the wider community with the issues of prejudice which the posters suggest are embedded within certain sectors of the community. Building on the excellent ongoing relationship which the SAHGF has had with Stellenbosch University through various faculties including Education and Psychiatric nursing, the SAHGF is offering to be part of student leadership training programmes, and to consult with the university as to how the issues may be addressed going forward.